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Business law: Review the article “Ruling nixes headhunters’ handshake agreements “


1. Based on the facts outlined in the article, the course materials, and your own experiences, do you believe that requiring “headhunters” to enter into written contracts, rather than rely on “industry practice and/or relationships”, is actually good for business (from both the recruiters (i.e., “headhunter”) and employers standpoint) or does this somehow inhibit the personnel staffing industry. If so, why? If not, why? What alternatives, if any, do you propose?

Your response to the above should not be less than two (2) paragraphs in length. Also, please review at least two (2) of your classmates’ posts and provide feedback to them (your feedback should only be a 2-3 sentences at most). Thus, you should make at least three (3) meaningful posts.

Please notice that you only need to answer the questions above within one and a half pages, the left words need to reply to my classmates answers. And I will upload the article and my classmates answers to the attachment.

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