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Business etiquette: Write a memorandum report based on the following scenario


Write a memorandum report based on the following scenario:

Your boss, Chloe Daniels, wants to know more about intercultural and international business etiquette in South Korea. Address your report to Chlore Daniels, president of Cronos CompuTec. Confine your research to what U.S. managers need to know about business etiquette in South Korea. You should investigate social customs such as greetings, attire, gift giving, formality, business meals, attitudes towards time, and communication styles to help your company’s travelers avoid etiquette blunders. The purpose of your report is to promote business, not tourism.
You may check business guides such as Kwintessential Ltd (a website), CountryWatch, or the CIA’s The World Factbook. You may also try internet search engines, just make sure to fact check your information. Your memo should be as long as necessary to thoroughly prepare your management team for travel to South Korea for upcoming business meetings.

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