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ASSURE Lesson Plan; Multimedia-based Instructional Materials


The topic for the lesson plane is: Recycle (the age 8 to 9 years old)
Integrating multimedia technology in the curriculum means using it efficiently and effectively in order to enhance learning. We use the ASSURE model to systematically plan lessons that effectively utilize media and technology in the classroom or other learning environment.
This requires a significant amount of planning and preparation to ensure that technology adds to, rather than distracts from the learning experience. For this assignment, you will develop a lesson plan and associated instructional materials, using the ASSURE Model to:
Analyze learners in terms of existing knowledge, motivation, and prerequisite skills.
Gather correct resources, demonstrating effective use of multimedia for problem solving or to stimulate creativity and collaboration, using an integrative approach; to achieve learning outcomes that are consistent with curriculum standards and objectives.
Describe how you will assess leaner performance, and evaluate effectiveness of your materials for future revision.
As a guideline, the lesson should cover no more than ninety minutes of instruction.
Your lesson plan should demonstrate logical integration of media, and supporting technologies, within the learning environment. You may modify an existing lesson or develop a new lesson plan for this assignment. You will submit a written explanation of the lesson plan that discusses media and technologies selected, integration strategies, and how the materials promote learner engagement. The written paper must be double-spaced and include appropriate use of headings for organization.
The required deliverables for this project are:
1.Completed lesson plan.
2.Instructional materials (using at least 2 media: text, graphic/visuals, audio, video, real objects, models, simulations, social media,) appropriate for your target learner audience.
3.Evaluation of instructional materials using appropriate rubric(s) provided in the text.

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