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Assignment, Psychology DQ-480


Project description
For this assignment please answer the following questions and the number the answers according to their questions. And please only use peer reviewed journals. (the answers should be simple as possible)

1) What would it be like to lose many, if not all, of your memories?

2) If you had to rely on notes to yourself to remind you of who you are and what you are about as a person, what would you write down?

3) What legal and ethical dilemmas can one face when coming across a patient struggling with dementia?

4)What boundary violations tend to occur and how can we prevent them/what do we do if we come across a colleague who’s crossing the line?) what are the strategies used to detect and/or reduce the problems associated with Response Sets and Faking?

5) Do you think that it is possible to prevent eating disorders? If so, how? If not, why not?

6) Explore any legal or ethical issues associated with this area of practice?

7) So how do we tell the difference between lying and not understanding?

8) How do we stop employers from just relying on a single survey test score on an employment test?

9) Would a projective or objective personality test be able to actually identify a psychopath?

10) What kind of projective test do you feel would reveal the best information?

11) What is the main difference between Personality Tests vs Interest and Attitudes Tests?

12) Do you think an IO psychologist can always tell if someone is lying from a test?

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