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Assignment, Marketing Sales Promotion paper


AC 222 – Sales Promotion Assignment #2 (II)

General Requirements:
Look at this video about a Purex promotion https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IXN7O3m7Pl8. Analyze this consumer promotion and its related (assumed) trade promotion as per the requirements below. You must be prepared to analyze and discuss it in class as well as hand in.

Formatting requirements:

You should cover the following if you wish to receive full credit:

A) The SP offer
Describe the offer:
Introduce the offer and how it was communicated to the targeted consumers

Background information:
Look up the business or company behind the brand or the product (that is the subject of the at the SP offer) in the free Hoovers.com database through the internet accessible FIT Library databases (https://libproxy.fitsuny.edu/login?url=http://www.mergentonline.com/Hoovers) or other Marketing/ Business databases.

From this information search (and others as applicable), provide background information on the company and the industry/market environment. Briefly describe the company’s product-line or services offered, the specific product for the promotion, its marketing activities, its key competitors, etc. as appropriate (additional research may be required for this)

Will you conclude that the business is recent or established? Is growing-declining-stagnant? Where does the product that is the subject of the analyzed SP offer fit in this picture?

Marketing strategy:
Looking at the way and where the SP offer was communicated, to who and the above background information, state and describe what marketing target, what marketing objectives and what marketing strategies (value proposition and positioning) do you think the company has for this product.

For the Value Proposition, be sure to describe in this section the “baseline” VP for this product or brand…before the SP offer!

Consumer Promotion:
• Identify:
 SP objective(s)
 SP target(s)
 SP desired result(s)
 To the best of your ability, what Sales Promotion technique(s) do think is used for this offer.

Trade Promotion:
• What potential trade promotion techniques were used?
• What were they used for? To obtain “what” from the retailer?

B) Your conclusions
• How would evaluate the effectiveness of the campaign?
• Was the consumer promotion well-conceived? Why?
• Would you assume that they picked the right Trade Promotion techniques to make this consumer promotion, a success at the selected retailer?

Attach the sales promotion examples to your 1 to 2 pages summary.

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