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Assignment, Business Case study analysis on an entrepreneur and their company strategy


Project description
A brief business overview on the company ‘LUSH’ cosmetics
-What does it do .What is the mission behind the company ‘Lush cosmetics’
-Who started it and WHEN (about its founders .
-WHY/WHAT inspired them.What aspects of upbringing,education,early careers etc had most positive influence on subsequent activities of the entrepreneurs of the company.
-Link your findings to academic analysis of entrepreneurs such as the big 5 personality trait that are associated with entrepreneurial behaviour.
-Outline any ways in which u think your entrepreneurs demonstrate he classic ‘DNA’ of an entrepreneur.
Use any other analyses on media linkslike Youtube to help you.
You must research what you can.
-Which entrepreneurial management behaviours do you think are employed by your entrepreneurs in order to achieve the corporate mission.

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