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A comprehensive position on psychoactive substances


Assignment #7 60 points
A Comprehensive Position on Psychoactive Substances

Preparation: By this point in the course, you have been exposed to a variety of different sources of information that attempt to contextualize psychoactive substance use in the United States. You also have written a number of short essays that focus on different substances and facets of use. Today’s assignment focuses on your ability to articulate a cohesive “summary” of your attitudes, beliefs, and understanding based on these experiences.

Your Assignment: You have been hired by a non-partisan “think tank” to draft a position statement on psychoactive substances in the United States. This statement will be distributed to congress, members of the media, judicial agencies, public health agencies, and other interested parties. The purpose of the statement is to encourage a paradigm shift – to suggest a new way of thinking about psychoactive substances, or, if you wish, to reinforce current ways of thinking. Content for this statement should include (examples are provided on the reverse of this sheet):

– What is the psychoactive substance that is most important to address in the United States? Choose one.
– What current strategies address use of that substance?
– What new strategies do you suggest to address that substance, if any?

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