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1: Treasury Bill,Assume a $1,000 treasury bill is quoted to pay 5% interest over six month period., a. how much interest would the investor receive?, b. What will be the price of the treasury bill?, C. What will be the effective yield?,,2: Bond Price,Given a 15 year bond that sold for $1,000 with a 9% coupon rate, what would be the price of the bond if interest rates in the marketplace on simliar bonds are now 12%? Interest is paid semiannually. Assume a 15-year time period.,,3: Valuing Warrants,Northern Airlines has warrants outstanding that allow the holder to purchase 1.45 shares per warrant at $15/share (option price). The common stock is currently selling for $19., a. What is the intrinsic value of the warrant?, b. If the stock sold for $12.50, how large would the negative intrinsic value be? ,,