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Finance 533,Winter, 2013,Assignment 5 bonds,, The purpose of this assignment is to evaluate a corporate bond issues from Intel Corporation. Analyze the bond due October 1, 2041. Additional sources of information are given below.,, What are senior, subordinated, and senior subordinated bonds?, What type are the Intel bonds?, What are the major provisions for the bond such as sinking fund, etc?, What assets are pledged for the bonds?, If the bonds are called early, what is the price?, Is there any step up or step down?, What is the use of proceeds?, What is the coupon rate?, How much will Intel be paying in total interest semi-annually and annually?, What is the effect on the TIE ratio? Use the latest quarterly statements., What is the price in dollars?, How much is the discount in dollars?, What is the yield for the bond? How was this calculated?, How does the initial yield compare to the current market yield?, Why has the yield changed?, Why are the credit ratings different for the 5 different issues?, Who are the potential investors in the bond? Why would they invest?, Would you invest in the bond? Why or why not?,