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The user has updated the question:,,User’s response: Modern Appliances Corporation has reported its financial result for the year ended December 31, 2008,Income statement for the fiscal year ended December 31, 2008,,,Net——————————————- $5,398,412,000,Cost of goods sold—————————–$3,432,925,255,Gross profit———————————–$1,965,486,745 ,Selling, general, and administrative expenses–$1,036,311,231,Depreciation———————————–$299,928,155,Operating Income——————————-$629,247,359,Interest expense——————————-$35,826,000,EBT ——————————————-$593,421,359,Income taxes———————————–$163,104,554,Net earnings———————————–$430,316,805,,,,,Consolidated balance sheet,Modern Appliances Corporation ,December 31, 2008,,,"ASSETS:,,Cash and cash equivalents $514,412,159,Accounts receivable $1,046,612,233 ,Inventories $981,870,990 ,Other current asset $313,621,610,Total current assets $2,856,516,992 ,Net fixed Assets $754,660,275 ,Goodwill $118, 407,710,Other assets $665,058,761,Total assets $4,394,643,738 ,,,,LIABILITY AND EQUITY:,,short-term borrowings $117,109,865 ,Trade account payable $466,937,985,other current liability $994,289,383,Total current liability $1,578,337,233,long term debt $1,200,691,565,common stock $397,407,352,Retained earnings $1,218,207,588 ,Total liability equity $4,394,643,738",,,,Using the information from the financial statements complete a comprehensive ratio analysis for modern appliances corporation.,,,,,-Calculate these liquidity ratios: current and quick.,,-Calculate these efficiency ratios: inventory turnover, accounts receivable turnover DSO.,,-Calculate these assets turnover ratio: total asset turnover, fixed asset turnover.,,-Calculate these leverage ratios: total debt ratio, debt-to-equity ratio, equity multiplier,,-Calculate these coverage ratios: time interest earned, cash coverage. ,,-Calculate these profitability ratios: gross profit margin, net profit margin, ROA, ROE.,,Use the DuPont identity, and after calculating the component ratios:, compute the ROE FOR THIS FIRM,