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Question 1 of 10 10.0 Points ,,Unit investment trusts have all of the following features except , A. They usually invest in tax-exempt municipals , , B. Stipulated end to the life of the fund , , C. Little interest rate risk , , D. Actively trading the bonds in the portfolio ,Reset Selection,, ,Question 2 of 10 10.0 Points ,,Investing directly in the international equities markets refers to buying shares , A. Of multinational corporations , , B. Of foreign companies , , C. Of internationally invested mutual funds , , D. More than one of the above ,Reset Selection,, ,Question 3 of 10 10.0 Points ,,Between year end 2002 and 2005, the value of the United States equity markets as a percentage of the total World equity markets has , A. Increased 100 percent , , B. Increased from 35 percent to 42 percent of the total developed market , , C. Decreased from 53 percent to 33 percent of the total developed market , , D. Decreased slightly from about 53 percent to 47 percent of total developed market ,Reset Selection,, ,Question 4 of 10 10.0 Points ,,The second largest equity market in the world at the end of 2005 is that of , A. Japan , , B. The United Kingdom , , C. The United States , , D. Germany ,Reset Selection,, ,Question 5 of 10 10.0 Points ,,The investor can maximize risk reduction benefits by combining United States securities with those of countries which are _________. , A. Oil exporting nations , , B. Negatively or least positively correlated with the United States , , C. Correlated with the United States , , D. None of the above ,Reset Selection,, ,Question 6 of 10 10.0 Points ,,Which of the following might be a reason for higher return potential in certain foreign stock markets than in U.S. markets? , A. Some small economies have more growth potential because they are starting from a smaller base of GDP , , B. GDP is growing at a faster rate in some countries than in the United States , , C. Many of these foreign economies have older populations that spend a higher percentage of their income than the U.S. population , , D. A and B are valid reasons ,Reset Selection,, ,Question 7 of 10 10.0 Points ,,Real assets often increase in value when , A. Higher levels of inflation are anticipated , , B. The stock market is advancing , , C. The public is confident about world events , , D. Bond prices are advancing ,Reset Selection,, ,Question 8 of 10 10.0 Points ,,Compared to other investments, which of the following is not a disadvantage of investing in real assets? , A. The initial amount of money is usually large , , B. The absence of a relatively efficient, liquid market , , C. High transaction and incidental costs , , D. All of the above are disadvantages ,Reset Selection,, ,Question 9 of 10 10.0 Points ,,Real estate is a particularly good investment among real assets because of , A. Depreciation write-offs , , B. Appreciation in value due to price appreciation , , C. Long-term financing , , D. All of the above ,Reset Selection,, ,Question 10 of 10 10.0 Points ,,Depreciation , A. On residential real estate property can be written off over 31 1/2 years , , B. On commercial real estate can be written off over 31 1/2 years , , C. Can be accelerated for commercial real estate , , D. None of the above ,Reset Selection,, ,