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,, , ,26. Major Manuscripts, Inc. does not want to incur any additional external financing. The dividend payout ratio is constant. What is the firm’s maximum rate of growth? ,A. 7.44 percent,B. 7.78 percent,C. 9.26 percent,D. 9.75 percent,E. 10.90 percent, ,, , ,27. What are the pro forma retained earnings for next year if Fake Stone, Inc. grows at a rate of 2.5 percent and both the profit margin and the dividend payout ratio remain constant? ,A. $4,946.90,B. $5,023.10,C. $5,592.20,D. $5,920.67,E. $6,293.30,28. Wagner Industrial Motors, which is currently operating at full capacity, has sales of $29,000, current assets of $1,600, current liabilities of $1,200, net fixed assets of $27,500, and a 5 percent profit margin. The firm has no long-term debt and does not plan on acquiring any. The firm does not pay any dividends. Sales are expected to increase by 4.5 percent next year. If all assets, short-term liabilities, and costs vary directly with sales, how much additional equity financing is required for next year? ,A. -$259.75,B. -$201.19,C. $967.30,D. $1,099.08,E. $1,515.25,,