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"Balance Sheet 12/31/2010 (X1,000),,Assets,,Cash and Securities $ 1,554,Accounts Receivable 9,660,Inventories 13,440,Total Current Assets $ 24,654,Net Plant & Equipment 17,346,Total Assets $ 42,000,,Liabilities and Equity,,Accounts payable $ 7,980,Notes Payable 5,880,Accruals 4,620,Total current Liabilities$ 18,480,Long Term Bonds 10,920,Total Liabilities $ 29,400,Common Equity 3,360,Retained Earnings 9,240,Total Equity $ 12,600,,Total liabilities + Equity $ 42,000,,,Income statement, 2010,,Sales $ 58,800,Operating Costs 54,978,Depreciation 1,029,EBIT $ 2,793,Interest Expense 1,050,EBT $ 1,743,Taxes 610,After Tax Net Income $ 1,333,,Other Data:,,Shares Outstanding 175,000,000,Dividends paid 509,830,000 or $2.91 per share,Interest Rate on Borrowed Capital 6.25%,Interest on Bonds 6.25%,Federal + State Income tax Rate 35%,Year End Closing Stock Price (NYSE) $77.69,,,A. Show all calculations and Calculate the:,Current ratio,Quick Ratio,DSO,Inventory Turnover Ratio,Debt Ratio,Asset/Liability Ratio,EBITDA Coverage Ratio,,b. Fully analyze the financial condition of this firm using the ratios calculated.,,c. What actions would you recommend to improve their circumstances?,,d. What additional information would you like to see to complete your analysis?