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83. Which of the following are inversely related to variable costs per unit?,I. contribution margin per unit,II. number of units sold,III. operating cash flow per unit,IV. net profit per unit ,A. I and II only,B. III and IV only,C. II, III, and IV only,D. I, III, and IV only,E. I, II, III, and IV,,Stacy purchased a stock last year and sold it today for $3 a share more than her purchase price. She received a total of $0.75 in dividends. Which one of the following statements is correct in relation to this investment? ,A. The dividend yield is expressed as a percentage of the selling price.,B. The capital gain would have been less had Stacy not received the dividends.,C. The total dollar return per share is $3.,D. The capital gains yield is positive.,E. The dividend yield is greater than the capital gains yield.,