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Finance 533,Winter, 2013,Assignment 1 Investment Banking Industry,, The purpose of this assignment is to analyze investment banking companies and the industry.,, Publicly traded investment banking companies include Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley. The analysis can also include J.P. Morgan Chase, Wells Fargo and Company, and Bank of America Corp. which acquired Merrill Lynch. Additional companies can be added at your discretion.,, The analysis is to include a review of recent income statements and balance sheets and the companies’ performance before and after the recent recession. Ratio analysis should also be included.,,Comment on the article: “The Buyers Are Back: M&A Poised to Rebound in 2013.” Do you agree or disagree with the forecast? Why?,,The assignment is due by 6:00 pm on January 15, 2012. Late submissions will not be accepted without prior permission. The assignment is worth 45 points. The assignment is to be 1-3 pages, typed and single spaced. Grammar, spelling, and punctuation will be graded along with the content of the assignment.,,The assignments are to be sent in a plain, simple, easy-to-read Word and Excel file. Include your name at the top of each document.,, There is to be no discussion of the assignment or cooperation with others, individually or jointly as in study groups. If such discussions or consultations occur, all involved students may get as low as ZERO for the assignment or an “F” for the course.,, The assignments are to be submitted using SafeAssign in Blackboard.,,Go to Assignment 1 in the Content section.,Click on View/Complete.,Upload your assignment in section 2.,Click on Global Reference Database in section 3.,Click on Submit.,,http://finance.yahoo.com/blogs/the-exchange/buyers-back-m-poised-rebound-2013-163958137.html;_ylt=A2KJjb1jeutQRy8A3QiTmYlQ,