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7. The uniform global capital requirements mandated a minimum level of Tier 1 capital, which primarily consists of funds obtained from (Points : 3), issuing commercial paper and bonds., retaining earnings and issuing commercial paper., retaining earnings and issuing common stock., issuing bonds and common stock.,,,8. The Garn-St Germain Act of 1982 (Points : 3), permitted depository institutions to offer money market deposit accounts., prevented depository institutions from acquiring problem institutions across geographical boundaries., required the Fed to explicitly charge depository institutions for its services., allowed the Fed to provide check clearing to depository institutions at no charge.,,,9. Which of the following is not a corrective action taken by regulators when a bank is identified as a problem bank? (Points : 3), Regulators may examine such banks frequently and thoroughly., Regulators may request that a bank boost its capital level or delay its plans to expand., Regulators can require that additional financial information be periodically updated to allow continued monitoring., Regulators have the authority to take legal action against a problem bank if the bank does not comply with their suggested remedies., All of the above are possible corrective actions taken by bank regulators.,,,10. The fee banks pay to the FDIC for deposit insurance is now (Points : 3), a fixed dollar amount for all banks., a fixed percentage of the bank’s deposit level for all banks., a fixed percentage of the bank’s loan volume for all banks., based on the risk of the bank.