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,California Clinics, an investor-owned chain of ambulatory care clinics, just paid a dividend of $2 per share. The firm’s dividend is expected to grow at a constant rate of 5% per year, and investors require a 15 % rate of return on the stock.,,You are to write a 3-5 page report that answers the following:,,1. What is the stock’s value?,,2. Suppose the riskiness of the stock decreases, which causes the required rate of return to fall to 13%. Under these conditions, what is the stock’s value?,,3. Return to the original 15% required rate of return and assume a dividend growth rate estimate increase to 7% per year, what is the stock value?,,4. Explain how each of the four (4) fundamental factors that affect the supply and demand for investment capital, and hence, interest rates, (namely productive opportunities, time preferences for consumption, risk, and inflation) affects the cost of money.,,5. Why is risk aversion so important to financial decision making?,,6. Explain the three (3) techniques for solving time value problems.,