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Your company borrows $4,000,000 on a short term loan. Interest will be 5%, compounded monthly. They will repay the loan each month over the next 5 years. How much will the payments be? $75,485, $92,117, $810,028, $211,312, None of the above, ,Retained earnings on the balance sheet represents, (Net profits after taxes,Cash,Net profits after taxes minus preferred,dividends,The cumulative total of earnings reinvested in the firm),,Your grandfather placed $5,000 in a trust fund for you. In 5 years, the fund will be worth $10,000. What is the rate of return on the trust fund, if interest is compounded monthly? 1.162%, 8%, .5%, 116%,, Which would give you the greatest future value? (Semiannual compounding, Monthly compounding, Quarterly Compounding, Daily Compounding),, To pay for her college education, Gina is saving $4,000 each year for the next five years in a bank account paying 15 percent interest. How much will Gina have in that account at the end of 5th year?,($25,921.08, $26,970.53, $13,408.62, $14,068.92),,Which of the following best describe capital markets?,the name given to the most prominent and busiest exchanges located in a nation’s capital city, markets trading securities with maturities beyond one year, markets trading commercial paper, short term maturity markets, mostly trading T-Bills,,All of the following are examples of current assets EXCEPT,Question 10 answers, Accounts receivable, Cash, Accruals, Inventory,, Discuss the various types of ratios and how managers might use them in evaluating their company’s performance,, Discuss the difference between the voting rights, the rights to assets, and the rights to earnings between stockholders and bondholders.