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6. (TCO 1) Provide three examples of situations in which business ethics play a role in the financial management process. Explain your rationale, and how these situations may affect the value of the firm. (Points : 10) ,, ,7. (TCO 4) What are sunk costs? Provide at least two real-life examples of sunk costs for a project. Should sunk costs be included as incremental cash flows? Why or why not? Explain your rationale. (Points : 10) ,, ,8. (TCO 8) What is the difference between systematic and unsystematic risk? Provide one example of each. Can both systematic and unsystematic risks be diversified? Why or why not? (Points : 10) ,, ,9. (TCO 2) What are the costs associated with extending (or not extending) a credit policy to customers? (Points : 10) ,, ,10. (TCO 6 and 7) Consider the following statement: “In order to maximize value, all firms should maintain a 30/70 debt to equity ratio”. Do you believe this statement is correct? Explain your rationale. ,,