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Fake Stone Inc,Income Statement,Net Sales 23,600,COGS 14,870,Depr 2,800,EBIT 5,930,Int Paid 670,Taxable Income 5,260,Taxes 1,840,Net Income 3,420, Dividends 1,368,,2009 Balance Sheet,Cash 930 Accts Payable 2470,Accts Recvble 1720 Long Term Debt 8800,Inv 3210 Common Stock 10000,Total 5860 Retained Erngs 4190,Net fixed assets 19600,Total Assets 25460 Total Liab and eqty 25460,,The profit margin, the debt-equity ratio, and the dividend payout ratio for Fake Stone, Inc. are constant. Sales are expected to increase by $1,062 next year. What is the projected addition to retained earnings for next year? ,a) $188.55,b) $2144.34,c) $2386.08,d) $92.34,e) $1909.16,,