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Dear Professor,,The length was not specified. I assume, about 250 words TOTAL.,,The question:,In these times of economic upheaval and the possibility of run-away inflation, the finance manager’s role increases in importance for any national or international firm. Go to www.marketvector.com and follow the “Exchange Rates” link to answer these questions.,, 1. Select the Australian Dollar link and respond:, * Is the U.S. dollar expected to appreciate or depreciate compared to the Australian dollar over the next six months?, * Give your conclusions from the data,,2. Next, find the current exchange rate between the U.S. dollar and the Euro. Then find the U.S. dollar LIBOR and the Euro LIBOR interest rates.,, o Define arbitrage and describe what the one-year forward rate must be to prevent arbitrage., o Give your conclusions from the data.,,3. Outline the principles you are relying on in your answers to these questions in your final research project.,,4. Create a summary of your findings with personal conclusions of the data uncovered.