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Four Companies Conducted IPOs last month: Hot.Com, Biotech Pipe Dreams Corp., Sleepy Tyme Inc., and Brick N Mortar International. All four companies went public at an offer price of $10 per share. The first-day performance of each stock (measured as the percentage difference between the IPO offer price and the first day-day closing price) appears below:,,Company First-Day-Return,Hot.Com 45$,Biotech Pipe Dreams 30%,Sleepy Tyme 5%,Bricks N Mortar 0%,,a. You submit a bid through your broker for 100 shares of each company. Your orders were filled completely, and you cashed out of each deal after one day. What was your average return on these investments?,,b. Next, suppose your orders were not all filled completely because of excess demand for "hot" IPOs. After ordering 100 shares of each company, you were able to buy only 10 shares of Hot.Com, 20 shares of Biotech Pipe Dreams, 50 shares of Sleepy Tyme, and 100 shares of Brick N Mortar. Recalculate your average return, taking into account that your orders were only partially filled.