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9. The powers clause of the will authorizes the Trustee of the Living Trust to ,I. Vote and sell proxies owned by the decedent. ,II. Receive and use employee benefits. ,III. Delegate agents. , A. I, II and III , B. I and II ,C. II and III ,D. None of the above. ,,10. All members of the estate planning team should know how to review a will. Upon such a review, any member of the team may assist in ensuring which of the following planning considerations? ,I. Whether the will incorporates recent tax law changes. ,II. What assets are disposed of through the provisions of the will. ,III. Whether the dispositive provisions of the will have been coordinated with the named beneficiaries of beneficiary designation assets. ,A. I, II, III ,B. II and III ,C. I and III ,D. II,,