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Hello I have an end of Term question. that will be due on Friday. ,Can you let me know how much to answer this question. ,,END OF TERM PROJECT:Your End of Term Project will be to prepare a Personal Financial Plan for yourself. In other words, here’s where I am financially right now; here’s where I want to be FIVE YEARS FROM NOW. How do I get from here to there? It will be graded for accuracy and professionalism. It must be realistic and all assumptions must be based on realistic numbers. This Project is worth 100 points, so it is a significant part of your grade for the course. Make sure you cite all sources used. For the narrative, use MLA style. It should include a cover page, a narrative, charts, graphs or any other tool you need to explain your plan. Double space your narrative. Your narrative should be between three and seven pages long. You must also include a personal income statement and balance sheet showing your financial condition NOW. Do the Income Statement for one month. Show your family’s earnings for the month and all the expenses you incur for a month. The personal balance sheet should should show all your assets at their fair market value (cash, investments, house, etc.) and your liabilities (the balance of your mortgage, the balance of your car loans, student loans, credit cards.) If you own a business, you can show the net worth (assets – debts) of your business as an asset and leave out the business debts. You must address the following items in your financial plan: cash flow and budgeted expenses, insurance, investments, retirement plan, home