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7. Perry Leblanc is a health officer with the government of Eurelia. For many ,years, the government has campaigned against smoking, and Leblanc would like to know something about the effects of the campaign.,,a) He would like to know is whether it is reasonable to say that the incidence of smoking is about the same for all adult age groups. The following data have been collected from a random sample of 500 Eurelian adults.,,16-24 25-39 40-64 ? 65,, Smokers 32 35 35 28,, Non-Smokers 128 105 85 52,,,Test at the 5% level whether the incidence of smoking depends on the age category.,,b) Test whether the proportion of smokers in the 16-24 age category is significantly different from the proportion of smokers in the 25-39 age category. Use "alpha" = 0.20.,,