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On March 1, Chow Corporation entered into a firm commitment to purchase specialized equipment from the Gifu Trading Company for ¥80,000,000 on June 1. The exchange rate on March 1 is ¥100 = $1. To reduce the exchange rate risk that could increase the cost of the equipment in U.S. dollars, Chow pays $20,000 for a call option contract. This contract gives Chow the option to purchase ¥80,000,000 at an exchange rate of ¥100 = $1 on June 1. On June 1, the exchange rate is ¥105 = $1. How much did Chow save by purchasing the call option (answers rounded to the nearest dollar)?,A) $20,000,B) $27,619,C) $47,619,D) Chow would have been better off not to have purchased the call option.