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Dear Rachel,,please read the instructions,,Assignment 8: Accounting ,,Karson Kutlery and Knives, LLC is planning a marketing promotion for one of their lines of knives. The 2010 Income Statement for this product line is attached. The following accounting changes are expected due to this marketing effort. For this analysis, assume everything else is not affected or changed. ,,1. Marketing expense will rise by $50,000. ,,2. Net Sales will increase by 10% ,,3. Cost of goods sold, now 60% of Net sales, will go down by 3% due to increase volume. ,,4. Accounts Receivable is expected to rise by $5,000 ,,5. Accounts Payable is expected to rise by $3,000 ,,6. Inventory is expected to rise by $2,000 ,, ,,Record in the attached spreadsheet the resulting Income Statement and Working Capital (cash) requirements in 2011? Also record the changes between year 2010 and 2011. ,