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Based on the information in Table 4-2, and assuming the company’s stock price is,$40 per share, the P/E ratio is,a. 2437.5.,b. 21.33.,c. 2.13.,d. 44.44.,,Table 4-2,Johnson Company,Balance Sheet,Assets:,Cash and marketable securities $300,000,Accounts receivable 1,215,000,Inventories 1,747,500,Prepaid expenses 24,000,Total current assets 3,286,500,Fixed assets 2,700,000,Less: accum. depr. (1,087,500),Net fixed assets 1,612,500,Total assets $4,899,000,Liabilities:,Accounts payable $240,000,Notes payable 825,000,Accrued taxes 42,000,Total current liabilities $1,107,000,Long-term debt 975,000,Common Stock (100,000 shares) 100,000,Retained Earnings 2,717,000,Total liabilities and owner’s equity $4,899,000,Net sales (all credit) $6,375,000,Less: Cost of goods sold (4,312,500),Selling and administrative expense (1,387,500),Depreciation expense (135,000),Interest expense (127,000),Earnings before taxes $412,500,Income taxes (225,000),Net income $ 187,500,Common stock dividends $97,500,Change in retained earnings $90,000