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Pls help:,Ques. 17) Knox Corp. plans to sell 1,000 units in 2011 at an average sale price of $40 each. Cost of goods sold will be 40% of the sale price. Depreciation expense will be $2,500, interest expense $1,500, and other expenses will be $3,000. Wessel’s tax rate is 35%. What will Knox Corp.’s net income be for 2011?,a. $ 9,500,b. $ 6,875,c. $14,200,d. $11,050,e. $28,430,,Ques. 18) What is the return on stockholders’ equity for a firm with a net profit margin of 4.9 percent, sales of $350,000, an equity multiplier of 1.6, and total assets of $215,000?,a. 12.76%,b. 15.24%,c. 12.57%,d. 8.88%,,Ques. 19) Assume a firm has an average inventory of $50,000, sales of $250,000, gross profit of $100,000, and net income of $25,000. The preferred formulation for an inventory turnover results in an inventory turnover of:,a. 1 time,b. 3 times,c. 4 times,d. 5.5 times,