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Ques. 35) Kevin purchased a stock a year ago that pays a dividend. He has earned a 50%. The stock was purchased for $16 and is now worth $21. What is the amount of dividends received during the year?,a. $5,b. $4,c. $3,d. $2,,Ques. 36) John is investing in the S&P 500. His expected return on the S&P 500 is 10% with a standard deviation of 4%. If John is investing $200,000, then what is the dollar range of returns that John can have with 90 percent confidence at the end of the year?,a. $212,000 – $228,000,b. $206,840 – $233,160,c. $204,320 – $235,680,d. $199,400 – $240,600,,Ques. 37) Microsoft’s beta is 1. The risk free rate of return is 2%. If the expected return on the market is 12 percent, then the expected return on Microsoft is:,a. 12 percent,b. 15 percent,c. 8 percent,d. 10 percent,