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• Discuss the financial manager’s place in the corporation. ,• Explain the main goal a financial manager is trying to achieve and the types of decision financial manager makes.,• Discuss what you can learn from management’s discussion or the notes to the four main types of financial statements. ,• Discuss the relevance of financial statement analysis for decision-making. ,• Describe the Sarbanes-Oxley Act, and discuss the impact of this law on the financial reporting practice. ,• Discuss the Net Present Value (NPV) decision rule. Describe how is the NPV rule is related to a cost-benefit analysis, and how is it related to the Valuation Principle. ,• Explain the implication the Law of One Price has for the price of a financial security. Provide examples. ,• Discuss the importance of the Time Value of Money concept, and why cash flow in the future is worth less than the same amount today. ,• Discuss the difference between annuities and perpetuities, and the methods to calculate their value. ,• Discuss the case of growing perpetuity. ,