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Prepare a Statement of Cash Flows for the Crosby Corporation.,Sales $2,200,000,Cost of goods sold 1,300,000,Gross profits 900,000,Selling and administrative expense 420,000,Depreciation expense 150,000,Operating income 330,000,Interest expense 90,000,Earnings before taxes 240,000,Taxes 80,000,Earnings after taxes 160,000,Preferred stock dividends 10,000,Earnings available to common stockholders $ 150,000,Shares outstanding 120,000,Earnings per share $1.25,Statement of Retained Earnings,For the Year Ended December 31, 2004,Retained earnings, balance, January 1, 2004 $500,000,Add: Earnings available to common stockholders, 2004 150,000,Deduct: Cash dividends declared and paid in 2004 50,000,Retained earnings, balance, December 31, 2004 $600,000