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Lancer Audio produces a high-end DVD player that sells for $1,250. Total operating expenses for July were as follows:,,Units produced and sold 140,Component cost $67,000,Supplies $1,680,Assembly labor $23,500,Rent $2,200,Supervisor Salary $5,500,Electricity $250,Telephone $180,Gas $200,Shipping $1,540,Advertising $2,500,Administrative costs $14,500,, Total $119,050,,A: Use account analysis to determine fixed cost per month and variable cost per DVD player.,,B: Project total cost for August assuming production and sales of 160 units.,,C: What is the contribution margin per DVD player?,,D: Estimate total profit assuming production and sales of 160 units.,,E: Lancer Audio is considering an order for 100 DVD players to be produced in the next 10 months, from a customer in Canada. The selling price will be $900 per unit. However, the Lancer Audio brand name will not be attached to the product. What will be the impact on company profit associated with this order?