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. (TCO 8) Over the period of 1955-2006: (Points : 3) , long-term government bonds underperformed large corporate stocks., small-company stocks underperformed large-company stocks., inflation exceeded the rate of return on U.S. Treasury bills., U.S. Treasury bills outperformed long-term government bonds., , ,2. (TCO 8) If the financial markets are efficient, then: (Points : 3) , stock prices should never change., stock prices should only respond to unexpected news and events., stock prices should increase or decrease slowly as new events are analyzed and the information is absorbed by the markets., stock prices will only change when an event actually occurs, not at the time the event is anticipated., , ,3. (TCO 8) Which of the following statements is true regarding systematic risk? Select all that apply: (Points : 4) , is diversifiable , is the total risk associated with surprise events,, it is not project or firm specific , is measured by beta,, , ,4. (TCO 8) Assume a project that has the following returns for years 1 to 5: 15%, 4%, -13%, 34%, and 17%. What is the approximate variance of this investment? (Points : 3) , 0.03, 0.15, 17%, 20%