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Question 1: Explain the theoretical rationale for the NPV approach to investment appraisal and compare the strengths and weaknesses of the NPV approach to two other commonly used approaches. ,,After reading the ‘Laurentian Bakeries’ case study, answer the following question:,,Question 2: Appraise Laurentian Bakeries’ expansion into the US frozen pizza market. ,You should answer Question 1 of this assignment in no more than 1000 words. The examiner would expect to see a detailed discussion of the theoretical rationale for the NPV rule. Note that describing the properties of NPV does not count as an explanation of the theoretical rationale. ,,For Question 2, the examiner would be keen to find out if you have a clear understanding of the case study and the technique for calculating the NPV of a project. On the next page is a copy of the assessment sheet the examiner will use in order to arrive at a mark. ,You should answer Question 2 in no more than 1500 words. ,