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Problem #1 of 3: , ,The stock of Caldwell and Healy can be expected to earn what rate of return, calculated using the Capital Asset Pricing Model, if the return on a U S Treasury Bill is 4%, the return on the overall market is 9%, and the “beta” of Caldwell and Healy’s stock is 1.15?,,,,,,,,,,,Problem #2 of 3:,,Bishop & Barchard Corporation bonds with a face value of $1000 mature in 7 years and bear a “coupon rate” (a.k.a. “face rate”) of 8%.,Calculate today’s price to buy one of these bonds if the current market rate of interest is,1) 10%,2) 5%,,,,,,Problem #3 of 3:,,,Knight Corporation’s $1000 bonds are purchased at 98.5, pay a coupon (face) rate of 7%, and will mature in 12 years. What are today’s:,,1) Current Yield,2) Approximate ‘Yield to Maturity,’ using my formula,,,,