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Charleston Mills is an all-equity firm with a total market value of $221,000. The firm has 8,000 shares of stock outstanding. Management is considering issuing $50,000 of debt at an interest rate of 7 percent and using the proceeds on a stock repurchase. Ignore taxes. How many shares can the firm repurchase if it issues the debt securities? ,A. 1,810 shares,B. 1,818 shares,C. 1,847 shares,D. 1,856 shares,E. 1,899 shares, ,Westover Electric is preparing to pay its quarterly dividend of $2.20 a share this quarter. The stock closed at $57.70 a share today. What will the ex-dividend stock price be if the relevant tax rate is 10 percent and all else is held constant? ,A. $55.28,B. $55.50,C. $55.72,D. $55.94,E. $55.99, ,Kurt’s Enterprises has a receivables turnover rate of 11.8, a payables turnover rate of 12.4, and an inventory turnover rate of 15.6. What is the length of the firm’s operating cycle? ,A. 24.89 days,B. 39.80 days,C. 54.33 days,D. 72.56 days,E. 83.77 days, ,Stan Lee’s sells 4,300 carpets a year at an average price per carpet of $1,490. The carrying cost per unit is $21.63. The company orders 500 carpets at a time and has a fixed order cost of $69 per order. The carpets are sold out before they are restocked. What is the economic order quantity? ,A. 147 carpets,B. 166 carpets,C. 184 carpets,D. 315 carpets,E. 348 carpets, ,Electronics and More offers credit terms of 1/5, net 20. What is the effective annual rate on a $12,000 purchase if you forgo the discount? ,A. 0 percent,B. 8.59 percent,C. 14.99 percent,D. 27.71 percent,E. 32.58 percent, ,The Boat House offers credit terms of 2/15, net 45 to all of its customers. Historically, 86 percent of its customers take advantage of the discount. What is the firm’s average collection period? ,A. 17.36 days,B. 18.87 days,C. 19.20 days,D. 20.33 days,E. 21.08 days,