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Cost Classifications,The following are costs associated with manufacturing firms, merchandising firms, or service,firms:,a. Miscellaneous materials used in production,b. Salesperson’s commission in a real estate firm,c. Administrators’ salaries for a furniture wholesaler,d. Administrators’ salaries for a furniture manufacturer,e. Freight costs associated with acquiring inventories for a grocery store,f. Office manager’s salary in a doctor’s office,g. Utilities for the corporate offices of a toy manufacturer,h. Line supervisor’s salary for a clothing manufacturing firm,i. Training seminar for sales staff of a service firm,j. Fuel used in a trucking firm,k. Paper used at a printing business,l. Oil for machinery at a plastics manufacturing firm,m. Food used at a restaurant,n. Windshields used for a car manufacturer,Classify the costs as (1) product or period; (2) variable or fixed; and (3) for those that are,product costs, as direct materials, direct labor, or manufacturing overhead. Write “not,applicable (N/A)” if a category doesn’t apply.