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Pearson’s Correlation ,The United States is a diverse country; its criminal justice systems differ across its 50 states. As most criminal justice activity is organized at the local or state level, understanding American criminal justice often means understanding local and state differences. The data in "JUSTICE.SAV" will allow you to explore those social differences. Perform Pearson’s correlation matrix to explore answers for the following questions. ,1. How different are the rates of violent crime and rates of crime against property across the 50 states? ,2. How are the rates of crime related to spending on criminal justice? ,3. Are the states with higher rates of violent crimes more likely to spend more money on their criminal justice systems? ,4. Will high-crime states spend more on policing or on prisons? ,5. What regional patterns mark off the 50 states?,Write your answers in a short report with statistical evidence for each specific statement, and paste your Pearson’s correlation matrix table into an Appendix (The format is: The report > References > Appendix) ,Submit your responses in MSWord as one document. Label each section clearly. For written answers, please make sure your responses are well written, use APA formatting, and have the proper citation, if needed.,,