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1. The time required to complete a project is normally distributed with a mean of 80 weeks and a standard deviation of 10 weeks. The construction company must pay a penalty if the project is not finished by the dues date of the contract. If a construction company bidding on this contract wishes to be 90 percent sure of finishing by the due date, what due date (project week #) should be negotiated?,,2. ABC Manufacturing has 6 machines that perform a particular task. Breakdowns occur frequently for these machines. Past records indicate that the number of breakdowns that occur each day is described by the following probability distribution:,,Number of Breakdowns Probability,0 0.40,1 0.30,2 0.20,3 0.10,More than 3 0.00,,a. What type of data is the number of breakdowns?,b. What is the expected number of breakdowns in any given day?,c. What is the variance of this distribution?,d. What is the probability that there will be at least 2 breakdowns in a day?,,3. Please answer the following questions given the following scenario.,,At a Church parking lot there are 100 vehicle spaces, 60 of which are cars, 30 are vans and the remainder are buses. If every vehicle is equally likely to leave, find the probability of a:,,a) van leaving first. ,b) bus leaving first. ,c) car leaving second if either a bus or van had left first. ,,