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19. A large medical center’s oncology program reported an increased number of cases of pancreatic cancer during a certain month. The hospital’s epidemiologist decided to research the problem. Tumor registry records were searched to identify all cases of pancreatic cancer during a five-year period; cancer patients were matched with patients treated for other diseases during the same five-year period. All subjects in the study were questioned about lifestyle factors including alcohol, tea, and coffee consumption. The resulting data are as follows:,,DATA, Cancer Patients Other Patients, Men Women Men Women,LIFESTYLE VARIABLE ,Alcohol 185 120 270 260,Tea Drinking 140 110 230 225,Coffee Drinking 190 140 270 240,Note: Total number of male cancer patients = 200., Total number of female cancer patients = 150., Total number of male patients (other diseases) = 300., Total number of female patients (other diseases) = 300., Tea drinking?, Women,Choose one: , A)0.92, B)1.37, C)3.50, D)0.71, E)3.50,