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Bannister Legal Services generated $2.0 million in sales during 2007, and its yearend total assets were $1.5 million. Also, at year-end 2007, current liabilities were $500,000, consisting of $200,000 of notes payable, $200,000 of accounts payable, and $100,000 of accruals. Looking ahead to 2008, the company estimates that its assets must increase by 75 cents for every $1 increase in sales. Bannister’s profit margin is 5%, and its payout ratio is 60%. How large a sales increase can the company achieve without having to raise funds externally? ,,The answer to the question is $68,965.52. and I understand that the formula to be used is AFN = (A*/S0)?S – (L*/S0)?S – MS1(1 – d),,