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Humboldt Inc. has the following long-term capital items on its balance sheet in market values; $450m in,equity, $150 million in preferred stock and $400 million in long-term debt.,a. Their 12-year 6% annual coupon bonds are currently selling for $816.38 per $1,000 face value.,b. Their preferred stock are currently selling for $96 per $100 face value. They pay preferred,dividends of 12%.,c. Their common stock is currently trading at $45. They are expected to pay a dividend of $2.25 next,year. Analysts expected the dividends to grow at 10% for the foreseeable future.,,You decide to raise an additional $100 million for new projects this year. Your investment banker informs,you that the preferred stock and common stock information above will remain the same. However, for new,bonds to be issued, they are advising that you increase the coupons to 8% and the maturity to 18 years in,order to receive $912.44 per $1000 face value. With this information, what will be the new WACC?