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Questions 1 to 2.: The prices of 7 toasters x (in dollars) and their corresponding lifespan y (in years) are given in the below., ,The regression equation is y ?= .39 + 0.3x, the coefficient of determination is r^2= 0.67 and the linear correlation coefficient is r = .82.,,1. The interpretation of coefficient of determination r^2 = .67 is:,(a) We are 67% confident that the price is linearly related to the lifespan.,(b) There is no correlation between the price and the lifespan.,(c) 67% of the variation in the lifespan can be explained by the price.,(d) There is a weak negative correlation between the price and the lifespan.,(e) r^2 = .67 does not tell us anything.,,2. Predict the lifespan of a toaster (in years) if its price is x = $30.,(a) 12.35 (b) 10.67 (c) 9.39 (d) 8.25 (e) 7.35,