Procedure of unknown mass of acid

Define the Procedure of unknown mass of acid
Calculate the Molar Mass of unknown acid [part 1 & part 2]
Briefly Discussed on Experiment procedure& on the basis of Data Calculation
Determination of the molar mass of an unknown acid

Molarity of NaOH solution used (class average) 0.2095 M
Code of unknown sample used V

Part 1 Part 2
Initial weight of sample used 0.00 g 0.00 g
Final weight of sample used .3509 g 0.3565
Mass of unkown acid used 0.3509 g 0.3565 g
Initial reading of buret with NaOH 0.55 mL 0.64 mL
Final reading of buret with NaOH 28.75 mL 29.32 mL
Volume of NaOH delivered 28.2 mL 28.68 mL
Moles of NaOH 0.005907 moles 0.006008 moles
Molar mass of unkwon acid 59.40 g/mol 59.33 g/mol

Average molar mass 59.365

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