Power Electronics Assignment

Power Electronics Assignment
Gate Drives

You have your own electronic design consultancy and one of your regular customers “Discount Drones” (DD), who design and manufacture quadcopters, have decided that to reduce size and weight they would like to integrate the power electronics for the motor drives onto the main PCB that houses the control and surveillance electronics. Currently the power electronics is bought in from a third-party manufacturer.

DD have no experience in power electronic design and need to rapidly gain expertise in this area. They have been told that the main power switching devices will by Silicon MOSFETs. They have therefore asked you to find about the gate-drive circuits for such devices.

For your assignment, carry out research and write a report of no more than 3 A-4 sides (not including references) that could be sent to DD, giving as much information and explanation about the main issues concerning how a gate-drive is designed and implemented. The actual design of a gate-drive circuit is not required.

The report can include figures & tables only if they are highly relevant. Points that will be considered during assessment will include:

What a three-phase, motor drive inverter circuit looks like and hence the number of gate-drives needed?
What are a low-sided driver and a high-sided driver?
How the gate-drive interfaces to the switching device and also the control electronics (assume some form of microcontroller)
Whether gate drive integrated circuits or modules are available – who are the manufacturers, what are the costs?
How the gate-drive circuit is powered
Gate-drive switching speed and frequency
What other functions the gate-drive may offer other than turning the power device on/off

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