post 15 Topic: Article review Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Article Review

Evidence Based Practice (EBP) Article Review

The article review provides the student with the opportunity to choose a topic of interest, search relevant literature for a related EBP article, and write an analysis of the article. The article review will be shared with the class.

The student will:
1. Conduct a literature search to locate an EBP article of interest
2. Prepare a thoughtful review which will be shared with the class
3. Apply content of the article into clinical decision making and professional practice within the practice setting

• Locate an EBP scholarly journal article from the current nursing literature. (Review the required elements below before choosing an article.) Please note: the article should come from a scholarly nursing journal within the past five years. (Publications like Nursing Spectrum, RN magazine, etc. are not acceptable. If in doubt, ask before completing the assignment. An article from an inappropriate source will not be eligible for credit.)
• Critically read the article and prepare a written review. The required elements include the following:
1. Summary of the article
2. Why the article was chosen and its relevance to student’s interest and/or clinical practice setting
3. Analysis of the article: What are the strengths/weaknesses of the article? How applicable to nursing practice is the article?
Include the article’s citation (in APA format) at the beginning of the review.
• Place the written analysis and a copy of the article in the appropriate drop box by the due date.
• Be prepared to discuss the article in class.

Grading Rubric for EBP Article Review

Descriptive element Possible Points Earned Points Comments
APA-style citation is included at beginning of article review; copy of article is submitted to drop box with this review 1
Review of article:
• Summary (3)
• Why article was chosen and relevance to interest/practice (2)
• Analysis (3)
(The review should be approximately one page.) 8
Organization, writing mechanics (spelling, punctuation, etc.) 1
Total Points 10



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