political and economic issues in the 3 South Caucasus republics

1. What were the political  and economic issues  in the 3 South Caucasus republics that led to their secession from the Soviet Union?

(Based on Smith reading and de Waal readings)

2. What characteristics of Soviet society continue to exist in all entities of the South Caucasus, including the disputed territories (Based on Smith reading & de Waal readings).

3. Explain the key issues  in the conflict between Azerbaijan, Armenia and Nagorno-Karabakh, including a brief history. Make sure to include the current status  of the conflict, and the role that Turkey plays (5 points).

(Based on de Waal reading and guest speakers from Turkey),

4. Discuss achievements and challenges  of citizen peacebuilding initiatives in the Karabakh conflict. (Based on NagornyKarabakh_CivilPeacebuilding20Years_EN_2013-1.pdf)


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