Plato & Republic

This essay assignment was designed to allow you to clearly demonstrate that you can organize a set of arguments in a complex text and defend your interpretations and opinions by appealing to reasons and arguments derived from (i) the primary text; i.e., Plato’s Republic, (ii) secondary sources, and (iii) your own thinking about these issues.——-
Note: In your essay, you must refer to at least two secondary sources as support for your interpretation of Plato’s views and/or as the origin of a view with which you want to disagree.——-
The idea of justice is one of the oldest in Western political philosophy. In fact, it is the key idea in what is widely regarded as Western political philosophy’s founding text—The Republic. ————–
Write an essay on:
1. In the Republic, Plato offers a blueprint for a perfectly just society in which the possession of a particular form of knowledge supposedly entitles some people to rule over others. In sum, the Republic advances i) a view of political authority that is knowledge based; ii) a detailed formulation of the kind of knowledge that justifies political authority; and, finally, iii) a social ideal of the just society that incorporates i. and ii.

a) Describe Plato’s position in the Republic on the relationship between knowledge and political authority.
b) Critically evaluate Plato’s reasoning on this topic, and defend a considered view of that relationship.

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