peters sermon

Discuss a Figure in the New Testament who Modeled Effective Gospel Communication
In this discussion, we will examine a figure in the NT who modeled effective Gospel communication, specifically in the person of Peter. We will examine his Acts 2 message in light
of his use of the OT and its impact on his hearers.

Upon completion of this assignment you should be able to:
Discuss a figure in the New Testament who modeled effective gospel communication.


Many see Peter’s sermon in Acts 2 as the “birth” of the modern church. In actuality, Peter
effectively married the text of Joel to what was happening in his day, and then also laid the
foundation for future movement of the Holy Spirit up to and including our own day. Peter, as a
Jew who had come to believe in Jesus as Messiah, had a sense of history, and saw Jesus as the
fulfillment of that history.

1. For your initial post, discuss the following:
a. Peter took a text here from Joel. If there is no text (from scripture, obviously) can there be a sermon?
b. His message is Christocentric. What does this say about the need for Christ in our Gospel communication?
c. His message is somewhat confrontational. Peter lays responsibility for Jesus’ crucifixion clearly at the feet of his audience in v36. What does this say about our need to practice loving confrontation with our audience?
d. His message impacted the listeners, cutting them “to the heart.” Should we expect some kind of reaction from anointed preaching?
e. He gave them clear direction- “Repent and be baptized…” What does this say about our need to give specific direction when we preach?
f. Lastly, Peter saw results- “…about three thousand were added to their number that day.” Will we see numerical results when we preach the Gospel? What about prophets like Jeremiah, who preached for years, sometimes with very little numerical result?

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